Pumpkin Caramel Dream Cake

Our Skor Cake is probably one of the most popular recipes our website. And of course, it should be – it’s delicious and so simple to make. In keeping with my autumn theme and total pumpkin obsession, I thought it would be fun to experiment with it a little. I was pretty darn happy I did too. I deemed this recipe “Pumpkin Caramel Dream Cake” for good reason. It’s simple like our Skor Cake recipe, rich and full of caramel and pumpkin flavor. Perfect for the season!

I wanted to point out an adaption to this recipe – I decided to mix the caramel in with the condensed milk and soak it into the cake. However, if you want more of an intense pumpkin cake flavor, you can soak the cake in condensed milk by itself and leave the caramel for the topping only.

You will need:

1 box yellow cake mix
1 bottle caramel syrup
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1-400 ml (13.5oz) can of pure pumpkin puree (not pumpkin filling)
4-5 Skor bars, chopped or 1/2 package of Skor bits
1 tub Cool Whip (forgot to include this in the photo – we used the 8oz size but you can use more if you’d like)

In a large bowl, combine the yellow cake mix powder and full can of pumpkin.

Do not add the rest of the ingredients on the back of the cake box (eggs, water, oil, etc)

Stir well until completely combined.

Spread batter in a greased 9″ x 13″ cake pan.

Bake following the instructions on the box (typically 25-28 minutes in a 350 degree fahrenheit oven).

Looking good!

Let this cool for 5 minutes.

While your cake is cooling slightly, combine your can of sweetened condensed milk and 3/4 bottle of caramel.

Reserve about 1/4 cup of caramal sauce for topping.

Again – if you want to just soak the cake in condensed milk only for more pumpkin flavour in the cake and leave the caramel for the toping, feel free to do so!

Using the back of a wooden spoon, poke holes in your cake.

While your cake is still warm, pour condensed milk and caramel mixture all over the cake.

Let it soak in and allow for cake to cool completely.

When cake has completely cooled, spread the tub of Cool Whip over the cake.

Top with Skor bits and caramel sauce.

Chill in the fridge for 30 minutes to an hour, or overnight.

Gooey and rich.

It will be extremely hard to only have one bite.




  1. Julie says:

    Since a few years, I’m always making a skor cake for my boyfriend’s birthday at the end of october… I was just looking for skor cake recipes on the internet (even though I know it by heart!!) and found your recipe… I like your picture and recipeso I came on the first page of your blog to found this!!!!! (What are the chances? Looking for skor cake and your last post is a variation of it!!! Meant to be) wow! I really want to try it now (not for bf but for me!!!) I notice that you said you are Ukranien but you are probably in Canada now right? Because it look’s like you are using all the same ingredients (and brand!) as me on your blog! Anyway, I’m glad google show me your blog because I really like it a lot.. and this Pumpkin Caramel Dream Cake.. can’t wait to try it! Julie

    • Claudia's Cookbook says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words Julie!! Yes, I’m from Winnipeg :) I always like connecting with fellow Canadians! You will have to let me know how you like the pumpkin variation of the Skor Cake! We just finished the last pieces today and I already want more. P.s. your blog also looks great! Fantastic pics. Thanks again for checking out our blog!

      • Laura Rojas says:

        I was wondering, have you ever used a Spice Cake Mix for this recipe? I make muffins (similar to this) and use a Spice Cake (I also made them with the vanilla cake mix, first) mix…. it really complimented the pumpkin flavor. Thanks!

  2. Tina says:

    I just made your recipe cot the pumpkin cake the only thing I did different is I drizzled chocolate. Sundae sauce. Sincere family doesn’t like caramel it looks really good. But is it taste better the longer it sits

    • Claudia's Cookbook says:

      I agree – this cake is delicious a few hours, or even a day later. Glad your family liked it and the chocolate was a hit! I will have to try that.

      • Claudia's Cookbook says:

        Hi Beulah – so glad you liked the cake! Yes, i’ve seen a few variations of the “better than sex cake”. Whoever came up with that name deserves a medal :) Currently, I do not have a way that you can print the recipe. I am looking to incorporate that into our blog redesign soon. Sorry!

  3. Dean says:

    Your cake looks fantastic. We have lots of pumpkin, cooked, skinned, then frozen, from last year’s harverst. Can this be pureed in a blender and used?

  4. Carol says:

    Sounds SO good…what do you think about cooking the can of sweetened condensed milk in the slow cooker (previously described on FB) so that it becomes caramel and using it in this recipe???

    • Claudia's Cookbook says:

      I’ve seen that slow cooker trick on Pinterest a lot but I have never actually tried it! I think if it works, it would be delicious with this recipe! :)

  5. Nani Koki says:

    It’s fantastic, sp EZ to make. I would like to try something with chocolate, can you help me with this??? I have no imagination and I am not a cook or baker, but this was
    again, so EZ!!!

    Thank you,

  6. Annie Y says:

    I found this recipe a while back but I can’t seem to find the kind of chocolate you used at all. I’m now convinced they don’t sell it in little old Cleveland, Ohio. What else could I use? Is there something extra special about this chocolate or could I substitute it with a crushed up Hershey ‘s bar?

    • Claudia's Cookbook says:

      Hi Annie, you can use any chocolate bar you’d like. Skor bars have a hard toffee inside, so that typically works well with the caramel and pumpkin flavors. I think Heath Bars are very similar if you can find those. Other than that, use you favourite bar. You can go wrong really. Let me know how it turns out!

    • Claudia's Cookbook says:

      You can buy pumpkin in a can at any grocery store. That’s what I use for everything. Make sure you buy the 100% pumpkin and not the pumpkin pie filling.

  7. Katy says:

    my cake doesn’t look like the picture with caramel/sweetened condensed milk mixture filling the holes, my holes are looking kind of empty after pouring all the recommended amount onto the cake. Any ideas?

    • Claudia's Cookbook says:

      The cake will absorb all or most of the condensed milk mixture. It should still turn out moist and delicious with the quantities you used.

  8. Mardi LaForce says:

    I have just made this for the first time and couldn’t find Skor bars or bits so used Heath bars…it has a heave chocolate coating on the candy pieces so we’ll see how that works with the rest of the flavors. It looks really good. I don’t know how you come up with these easy ideas for cakes…I’ll have to find the Skor Cake recipe and try that too. Not good for diabetics but I’ll have a piece anyway!

    • Claudia's Cookbook says:

      Hi Mardi! Heath bars should work just fine. Let me know how you like it! I’m a big fan of simple baking..especially in the summer when I’d rather be outside :) also please try the Skor Cake. It’s my absolute fav!!

  9. Helen W. says:

    in the process of making the pumkin carmel cake. Looks good but did not know what size of pumkin puree……think should of bought the great big can can you tell me?
    did not see 400 on can;;;;;;

    • Claudia's Cookbook says:

      Hi Helen – Depends on which brands you have at your supermarket. You may need to buy a larger can and weight it out. The smaller cans I use are 398ml, so that’s close enough.

    • Claudia's Cookbook says:

      Hey Jenn! Your house is going to smell amazing :) Yes, you should keep the cake in the refrigerator after it’s completely cooled. The condensed milk will keep it nice and moist. Enjoy!

  10. Kimberly says:

    This looks heavenly! Can you tell me how big the Cool Whip should be? 8oz, 12oz or the largest tub? I love the idea of the spice cake! Or I even wonder about a gingerbread cake mix? Yum! Thank you for the recipe!!

    • Claudia's Cookbook says:

      Hi Kimberly – It really depends on how much “icing” you prefer on the cake. I believe I used the 8oz. size!

  11. Diane says:

    So being a novice in baking, I have to ask why you spread a can of condensed milk over the cake if you decide to do caramel for topping? That’s what we would do because half of family like caramel and half don’t. So why add the condensed milk? I would think the cake is moist and yummy enough without adding all those extra sweeteners and calories. If you top with whipped cream, and caramel, and sprinkled Skor bars all over, yum!

  12. Jamie says:

    This looks amazing. 2 of my favorite things in one, pumpkin and caramel! Definitely try the condensed milk into caramel trick. It’s super easy and tastes amazing, AND doesn’t have the nasty chemicals or HFCS that’s in that sundae sauce (if i remember correctly).

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