Farmer Cookies

© Claudia's Cookbook - Farmers Cookies 13 First off – welcome to my newly redesigned website! I hope you like it. On a whim, I spent the better part of yesterday night playing with different designs and incorporating my content into it. I wanted a more visual layout. I hope I have succeeded! To celebrate, let’s eat some cookies!  (more…)

7 Layers in Heaven Bar

© Claudia's Cookbook - 7 Layers in Heaven Bar 13It’s been a while since Claudia and I actually sat down to bake together, which is fairly contradictory to my actual goal of this blog. Therefore, we made it our mission to set some time aside and get our bake on this past weekend. We also had Christmas movies on in the background. (more…)

Sunday Night Football Salsa

© Claudia's Cookbook - Sunday Night Football Salsa 1I’ve almost eaten my way through all the garden tomatoes and jalapeño this year. As you can see over the last few posts, I’ve been doing my best to use them up with some delicious recipes. With the weather dipping, the garden has slowed down considerably. (more…)

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