Chocolate Chip

Raspberry Chocolate Chip Muffins

Claudia's Cookbook - Raspberry Chocolate Chip Muffins 14I don’t think there is anything worse than the summer cold. I am suffering from a nasty one right now. Sore throat, congestion and fatigue. It’s a good thing the weather here has been rainy or else I would seriously be feeling ripped off. We only experience super warm weather here in Winnipeg approximately 3-4 months out of the year. The rest of the year the weather fluctuates between mediocre and freezing cold. You may recall that even when I tried to escape the freezing cold this past winter and escaped to Arizona to visit Claudia, I was hit by a nasty flu bug and was bedridden for the entire vacation. I guess I’m simply not meant to bask the the glorious sun while being poolside and healthy.

Speaking of Claudia, she’s back in town after a few weeks in Saskatchewan. Of course, she brought me back a plethora of freshly-picked berries – Strawberries and Saskatoon Berries to be exact (Saskatoon Berry recipe coming soon!). Since I have inherited my body weight in berries, I decided to get rid of the current ones in my fridge. Enter these delicious Raspberry Chocolate Chip Muffins. I absolutely love them. LOVE THEM. They are delicious! The perfect balance of juicy tart raspberries combined with the sweet/bitter dark chocolate and cinnamon baked goodness. They are a hit here in my house. The other bonus about this recipe is that you don’t need an electric mixer. It is highly recommended that you mix all the ingredients by hand to prevent over-mixing and, in turn, dry muffins.


Cadbury Mini Egg Skillet Cookie

Claudia's Cookbook - Cadbury Mini Egg Skillet Cookie 19  My obsession with Cadbury Mini Eggs continues. I figured you wouldn’t mind if I posted another recipe with these delectable treats, right? Our Cadbury Mini Egg Cookie recipe I posted a couple years ago proves to be one of our most popular recipes, especially this time of year. I figured I should do some experimenting and see where it leads me. Well, I can report that it led me to this delicious skillet cookie! I adapted a skillet chocolate chip cookie recipe from the lovely Bakers Royale. I selected this recipe to adapt because it uses brown butter. I love brown butter. It has such a rich nutty flavour and aroma. Plus, you don’t need an electric mixer for this recipe. Bonus!

This skillet cookie is dense and rich. The Mini Eggs are so delicious with the cookie base. I opted to use a 9-inch skillet for a thicker cookie, but this recipe can easily suit a 12-inch skillet as well. If you use a 9-inch skillet, just ensure you up your baking time by about 10 minutes. I highly recommend you make this recipe for Easter!