Crunchy Nutella Brownies

Oh Nutella, you sweet temptress. The rich hazelnut and chocolate flavour is beyond addicting. I vowed to only buy one jar to dabble in some dessert recipes. Unfortunately, I found myself putting this delicious spread on toast quite often, which went against my baking vow.  I had to do something drastic. I needed to get rid of the remaining Nutella before I ingested it all on my own. I scoured the internet and found this unbelievable recipe from La Casa de Sweets. I shared these crunchy, rich brownies with some of my girlfriends and they agreed that this recipe was indeed blog worthy.


Salted Caramel & Nutella Rice Krispie Squares

I waited for as long as I could. I tried my best to avoid walking down the aisle where I knew it would be. Alas, the temptation was too strong. I broke down and finally bought that tub of Nutella. Oh Nutella, you sultry chocolatey temptress. I didn’t grow up on Nutella. I grew up on old fashioned peanut butter and Cheez Whiz. Yes, I said Cheez Whiz. Claudia constantly reminds me that I was quite the picky eater growing up. I refused to eat any kind of sandwich that she made for lunch that wasn’t Cheez Whiz. Let’s just say I am happy my palate has evolved and I can appreciate the better things in life – like Nutella.

Like most Mom’s, Claudia made a lot of Rice Krispie treats for us kids growing up. I figured I would take this classic dessert and put more of an adult twist by topping it with chocolate and my latest obsession – salted caramel. I adapted this recipe from Mini Baker. It’s so simple and positively delicious. If these were available back in the ’80s, the 8-year old me would have put down the Cheez Whiz and picked up the Nutella.