Strawberry Spinach Salad

I will be the first one to admit that I can be pretty lazy when it comes to cooking. I would be lying if I said a tuna sandwich and basic salad (we’re talking chopped up romaine lettuce and salad dressing from a bottle) doesn’t find its way into my dinner rotation three-plus times a week. With summer here, and my own motivation for cooking dwindling, Claudia decided it would be best to share one of our all-time favourite salads. It is simple, colourful, and most of all – flavourful. Did I mention how easy it is? Seriously, the hardest part about this salad is grating some onion. I would have said slicing strawberries, but come on – grating onion is definitely more lackluster and not as glamourous as slicing strawberries. Back to the recipe!


Ukrainian food is good for you

A good friend of ours forwarded this cute article to us. Looks as though Snowflake the dog’s life was extended greatly by his fantastic diet of Ukrainian favourites, such as perogies, holopchi and nalysnyky!

We must agree, all that buttery deliciouness Claudia has been making all these years is good for something. At least for Snowflake anyways!

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Monster Cookies

Although Claudia’s chocolate chip cookies were the ultimate staple dessert in our house while growing up, monster cookies were a close second. As you can see in the picture to the right, I was quite a fan of the cookie dough while baking. I’m not entirely sure where I got the idea that eating raw cookie dough was a good idea. I blame my Dad. After all, he was always the one who would say “Jaime, can you make me some cookies”.  I was 5.  All I knew in the end was that cookie dough tasted amazing, and so do these easy Monster Cookies.


Curryflower Soup

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Curry is not a typical spice in the Ukrainian chef’s arsenal. But this soup has been a great addition to Claudia’s cooking over the past few years. I didn’t really grow up having this dish, which is a good thing. Both me and my brother were pretty fussy kids growing up. If it wasn’t in the realm of BBQ hamburgers, perogies,  and my personal favourite – Cheese Whiz sandwiches (yes, believe it!), we weren’t eating any of it. So, if Claudia put this in front of us prior to 1996, we would have probably made such a fuss that she never would have attempted this dish again. That, in itself, would have been a tragedy.

Curry (and other Asian culinary influences for that matter), began showing up in our household well after us kids became adults.  Curryflower Soup is now one of the more “exotic” dishes  in regular rotation. Its mellow curry flavour and hearty vegetables are perfect for the rainy days of summer and the freezing cold temperatures of winter.


Special K Frosted Chews

This is one of the easiest and most delicious desserts in Claudia’s repertoire that I definitely needed to inherit. Although these are technically called “Special K” treats (I expect major props from Kellogg’s for the shout-out by the way), you can easily substitute any of your favourite cereals for this dessert. Rice Krispies would work well, but Claudia has insisted Special K is far superior to anything else out there on the market today. Enough said – you don’t question the expert, as I once again found out today. But more on that in a bit.

This dessert usually pops up as part of Claudia’s Christmas baking line-up. Each Christmas Eve, I raid the dessert platter to ensure the Frosted Chews are where they should be. Great frozen, these treats are still definitely much better when eaten when they are a little warm and melty from the assembly process. I simply cannot muster up the words to describe how amazing these little treats taste. For the little effort it takes to create these gems, I highly recommend you try these immediately.



If you haven’t read the Inspiration section of this website prior to reading the rest of this post, I highly recommend you do. Mainly because it explains the copious amounts of sinful butter in this recipe. Well, it sort of does. It more or less justifies it as an essential in Ukrainian cuisine.

Nalysnyky (pronounced NAL-YES-NAH-KEH) is a staple on our family dinner table on all holidays. They are often made ahead of time and frozen until the day of the dinner event. I actually have never had them otherwise until I made this recipe with Claudia for the blog.  I have to admit, if you can, eating them fresh is the way to go. Nalysnyky is essentially cheese filled crepes (slathered in butter of course and baked). This recipe takes a total of one hour from start to finish and truly is worth every minute.


Hello world!

Welcome to Claudia’s Cookbook!

In the next few weeks we will begin sharing some amazing family recipes that are currently being passed down and documented (here of course!) from mother to daughter. In the mean time, check out the Inspiration Section to learn more about the story behind the website.

Stay tuned!

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